Monday, October 13, 2008

Canadian Wireless Management Forum

Last week, I attended the first event of the Canadian Wireless Management Forum [1]. The event took place in Montréal, and expected 200+ participants. Speakers were from Montréal, Toronto, and Santa Clara (CA).

I started describing the event but I decided to stop when I received a message from Adrien O'Leary who wrote a report and included also many videos [2]. There is no need to redo something already correctly done!

The interesting talks I noted are:
  • Iain Grant talked about his expectations to see prices for data plans going down and investments going up [3].
  • Technology consumers are looking forward to getting innovations from local companies! If their little size can be a problem, it is also seen as an advantage because they are more flexible.
  • Alex Suter presented WaveSat success [4], a fab-less company designing integrated circuits for broadband access (WiMax, HSPA, OFDM, LTE).
  • Richard Bylina introduced Motorola technology [5] allowing to maintain sessions for truly mobile users (in a car, train, plane)
I really liked the openness of the attendees. I talked with people from innovative companies (in the booth space and in the conference rooms), with technology consumers (Air Canada, Hydro Québec, Vidéotron), with government officials (Provincial and Federal, related R&D programs), and with other followers like I was. I have developed few ideas that, if they are funded and implemented in a near future, might give me chance to become a presenter too ;)

At one point, the group Mobile Monday Montréal (MoMoMo) [6] has been mentioned and it might be worth attending one meeting.

A+, Dom
  1. Canadian Wireless Management Forum website.
  2. Event report by Adrien O'Leary, contributor of the blog Montreal Tech Watch
  3. Presentation of Iain Grant's talk.
  4. Presentation of Alex Suter's talk.
  5. Presentation of Richard Bylina's talk.
  6. Mobile Monday Montréal focus group.

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