Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book "Power of Surprise" by Andy Nulman

Because I read the announcement of Six Pixels of Separation "Surprise! Andy Nulman Is Giving Away Copies Of His New Book", a blog I have been following for a long time, I decided to give a try ;)
Hey Andy Nulman, here an address for another Montreal tech guy: 
7943, Duranceau, LaSalle (Qc) H8P 3R8.
Don't hesitate to post it yourself, Andy gives away 200 copies of his book! Check his blog or his post on the offer. Don not forget to link for him to track you back ;)


  1. Hey Dom! I may be able to hand-deliver this one! Thanks for coming aboard, and keep watching the Pow! blog for further surprise about these books!


  2. Hi Andy,

    It will be my pleasure to meet you, in your office or at any other event in Montréal ;)

    A+, Dom