Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dilbert: Social Media age

I cannot resist to re-post this strip!


Are such attitudes only due to managers that need to keep a straight control over their reports in order to seamlessly justify their position? I already covered that aspect in my blog post Manager Attitude back in Dec. 2008. I then stated that the situation would be smoother is such managers could fully assume their facilitator role...

These days, I think it's more related to the difference in each person's cognitive age!

In the traditional chronological order, you could become a manager because you knew the company internal mechanics, the management dynamic, and its long term vision. People finger-pointing the Generation Y (see my post Work around the general laziness, for example) have good reasons to ask new employees to first acquire good experiences before giving them rewards and responsibilities.

However, with the emergence of multi-stream platforms, young people have a tremendous possibilities to learn so much in short periods of time and to overpass older ones. My involvement in edu.cyn.in proved this statement many times: kids are much more prolific at producing online content and sharing with their peers than their own teachers!

On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of retired people who don't have to compete again to maintain their social rank, have gain the possibility to become relevant again by being more connected with younger crowds, more socially involved.

This Dilbert strip illustrates a direct confrontation of the socially aged person and the just chronologically aged one!

I hope you like it too.
A+, Dom

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