About me

Born and educated in France, I've been living in Montreal since mid 1999. Professionally, I really enjoy the place: a large city with brilliant universities, with people from various backgrounds and cultures, with strong governmental supports to innovation, and (relatively) close to US big technical centers (San Francisco, Boston, New York, etc.).

If I'm now focusing on “socialized” communication technologies with !twetailer (get some insights), I have a strong interest in managing “user experiences” in general.

A long time ago, I developed gadgets and interaction controllers to be used on set top boxes (embedded software). Between 2000 ans 2010, I mostly worked in the Web application domain: before the Web 2.0 buzz and the emergence of “rich” Web application, during the development of powerful toolkits (like Dojo and jQuery), and for the overall optimization of the interaction flows (YSlow, Firebug, compression, CDN, etc.). Recently, I started also to look at porting the Web experience on mobile devices (mainly Android and BlackBerry) because I really think that the continuous hardware miniaturization and the continuous improvement of the broadband Internet access will make the Web ubiquitous!

I hope you enjoy my blog (with mixed articles en English and French). Don't hesitate to contact me for more information or possible collaboration ;)

A+, Dom