Monday, September 15, 2008

Rencontres d'Architecture de Montréal (RAM)

Hi readers,
With the help of few friends, I am going to give a hand to start a new focus group in Montréal area:
  • Rencontre d'Architecture de Montréal (RAM).
This group replaces the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) chapter of Montréal which has been dissolved because of the foolish directions proposed by the IASA management...
My friends are:
  • Keith Bourgoin, CGI;
  • Joël Quimper, Microsoft;
  • Mario Cardinal, freelance.
The first event is going to take place soon with the presentation of our new offer and one guest speaker. Stay tuned ;)

Note that to organize a fluid communication among organizers, speakers, and attendees, we have decided to setup few Microsoft Live tools:
  • A space;
  • An event list;
  • etc.
Feel free to join.
A+, Dom

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